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    Okay - what am I doing wrong here RE:  ACR 5.6


      Hello all:


      Just downloaded ACR 5.6 and the Lightroom 2.6 update.  I have Elements versions 7 and 8.  After downloading ACR, I first went into the plug-in folders (file formats) of both Elements 7 and 8 and deleted the Camera RAW plug-ins.  Not a problem there.


      However, after unzipping the new ACR 5.6 plug-in and copying and pasting the new plug-in into the Elements 7 and 8 (file formats), when processing a RAW file, the ACR window that comes up within those two programs now shows "version 5.5."  At first I thought it was just a mistake in numbering on Adobe's part - meaning it was really 5.6, but mistakenly numbered 5.5.


      But when I tried to decode some RAW files from the supposed new camera data base (i.e. Olympus EP-2), none could be recognized, indicating that it was indeed version 5.5.


      Just to be safe, I deleted the plug-ins and re-downloaded the ACR-5.6 updates on several occasions - and in the end, all wound up being version 5.5 (according to the window when it comes up in Elements).


      Looks like a mistake on your downloads page - or I'm doing something terribly wrong here.  Again, I downloaded the right ACR 5.6 plug-in, but it is showing up as version 5.5 once unzipped and opened within Elements (by the way, the previous ACR plug-in I had there was version 5.6 Beta).


      Can anybody help here?  I'm hoping it's a mistake on Adobe's part.  What could I be doing wrong here?


      Lightroom 2.6 went just fine and it decodes all of the latest RAW files (i.e. Olympus EP-2).  My email address is:  benherrmann@nc.rr.com