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    [CS4/10.6.2] Windows Consolas font exploding on Mac

    heavyboots Level 2

      Hi folks,


      I'm developing a Flash AIR app mostly on Windows Vista, but recently tried to do a little light editing on my MBP running Snow Leopard as I have access to the excellent jEdit text editor there. Unfortunately, the Windows Consolas font I have chosen for on-screen error messages, tool tips, etc seems to have issues with displaying properly in the Mac version of Flash CS4.


      Consolas displays well in Flash CS4 editor mode (and other Mac apps like Text Edit), but as soon as I try and test the Flash file, the font basically explodes, drawing huge black triangles all over the screen. The app continues to work properly, but it's almost impossible to use as everything is covered in triangles. I tried clearing the font caches already as well as deleting the ASO files/test movie.


      Anyone ever dealt with an issue like this? Any suggestions for what to try next?

      Thanks in advance & happy holidays,