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    ADE Activation & Adobe ID Problem


      Please help...


      I too am one of those who bought a Sony Digital Reader for Christmas thinking that by moving to EPub format I might avoid all the problems that have plagued me with ADE and its repeated activation requests.  Now I find that you just can't get away from DRM and ADE, even with the new digital reader products becoming available, so I am stuck with trying to get ADE (and now my Sony Reader) to work.


      My problem is two-fold, i.e., (1) I have exceeded my limit on activation requests for ADE and now have a couple of dozen purchased and downloaded books that I can no longer read using ADE, and (2) I have Sony Reader software installed on my computer, but I get an Adobe Authentication Failure message when I try to log in.  Presumably the Adobe ID is different on these even though I used the same e-mail address and password for both.


      I have tried repeatedly to get help from both Sony and Adobe (both chat and telephone support), but neither one seems to be able to solve the problem(s).


      In desperation, I am turning to this forum, to see whether anyone can help me.  Jim, you have been a great help to many others with this problem.  Can you also assist me?






      The activation error message is as follows:  E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 43:10000:10000 urn:uuid:699159c8-05f4-4b7c-871e-af97929c64c1

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          I'm looking at your activation pattern for the AdobeID you mentioned  (  xxxx@cox.net ).  The activation pattern looks like a known bug with your username changing (switching case ie Jim vs jim ) when switching between domains (ie taking a notebook between work and home), does this seem correct to you?


          I will reset your activation count later today (and post when I do it ).


          Sony's switch to ePub means that they are using the AdobeDRM system.  We allow Sony to automatically create AdobeIDs, and with you being over your activation limit they may have created the wrong AdobeID.  You will need to work with Sony tech support to get this straightened out (I don't have access to Sony's back end systems).   So for now I would start for now just getting ADE up and running.

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            I've updated your activation count, you should be able to activate now.

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              kbwalker1 Level 1



              Thank you so much for your prompt response.


              I retried the ADE activation and it works just fine now.


              You are correct in that I do take my laptop to/from work so I have different domains.  I appreciate your resetting my activation count, and I would also like to know how I can prevent this from happening again (over and over), so that I am not continually pestering Adobe or you for further assistance.  Maybe if I just refrain from using ADE at work and only use it from home, the system won't ask me to re-activate repeatedly.  In any case, I plan to download books from my PC to my new portable reader in the future (rather than reading from my laptop with ADE).


              I will contact Sony support and see what I need to do from their end to clear up any remaining issues.


              In the meantime, thank you very much for your help.  You have really made my day, and I hope that you have a very happy holiday season.      :>)


              Thanks again,


              Kevin B. Walker

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                Jim Lester Level 4

                We have an upcoming bug and security fix (no public release date yet), that will include the fix (we hope) for this particular problem.  In the meantime, if you use ADE in only one location it should stop asking to activate.  Alternatively a message here will generally get my attention, and I'll reset your activations if I'm around (Officially I'm on vacation, starting today and through the 4th, but I'll check in occasionally).

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                  slkkokkie Level 1

                  i got the errorr message

                  "too many activations"

                  What can I do about this???





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                    PoizonIvy Level 1

                    I too have recived this message- i upgrade the firmware on my ereader and reactivated it and now no borrowed library material ill work the company had me do a series of step- during which I exceeded my activations- I was only deactivating and reactivating the same device ?!?!?!?!


                    We cannot solve the problem with the ereader until I am use ADE

                    I have called customer service as per the FAQ info they wont help reset my activation allowance



                    whats causing the problem and can this not be reset much more easily and quickly been going on days now)


                    ID sarahtomlin@rogers.com




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                      DrPenNZ Level 1

                      email adobe about the activation problem and they will reset it for you.  You can activate 6 ereeaders, thus you can activate and deactivate one ereader six times - as I found to my cost

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                        PoizonIvy Level 1

                        yeah that's what happened to me to- the Ereader had a firmware upgrade that

                        seemingly did something to the machine resulting in me activating and

                        deactivating the same damn device and it maxed out


                        took 4 days for them to reset !

                        I was NOT impressed !!!

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                          tayelor Level 1

                          My problem is similar.


                          It seems my adobe ID and Reader are incompatible, because I tried to buy books from the Sony Store and live in Africa, so was unable yo do so. I spent hours on the phone to Sony and think that the Digital Editions management protection is off the reader now (I have not been able to test as I can only get free books) However in trying to offer me a solution I was forced to delete 8 books from Books on Board and 2 from Kobo, which say these are issued to another user. Books on Board suggest I find which ID is registered to my reader and e-mail address and ask Adobe to make them compatible.


                          I have been offered another solution, but am a bit unsure about it as I am not very computer literate and am scared to get into more of a mess. So I thought i would try an adobe solution first.


                          Please help as I feel I have wasted hours of time and lots of money on this Christmas gift so far and have managed to read only one book out of 8.


                          Many thanks