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    two holders + one problem

    micgamb Level 1
      Hallo everybody,

      I hope you can help me..my flash site has a MCL empty where I load the external MovieClips. Every external MovieClips has a small empty MovieClip holder that loads an external animation. At the end, I have something like this:

      main site ----loads external swf file (1)------swf loads external swf file(2).

      The problem is when the external swf (1) is clicked it works importing the swf (2) but when it is imported in the main stage the swf (2) is not working. I though was matter of size that maybe it did not fit the main MCL holder but I did try to reduce it but nothig has changed .
      Could you help me???
      thank you so much
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          clbeech Level 3
          what's not working? is it not playing? or is it not getting imported at all?

          can you post the mcl code you're using please.
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            micgamb Level 1
            I hope i can explain it as much as I can:
            I have three parts of the site:

            main site

            external swf (1)

            external swf (2) imported into swf (1)

            when the external swf (1) is imported onto the main stage it doesn't imported the swf (2) in the swf (1).
            the code that i am using in the swf (1) to import (2) is the one attached. If I play the swf (1) alone it imports swf (2) but when swf (1) is on main stage nothing happen.

            I hope It as clear as possible.
            thank you so much
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              clbeech Level 3
              i see. and then is _level0.holder_pic - the same MC that the file swf(1) is currently in? if so i don't think you can load into the clip by calling from 'within' the clip occupied. what you should do - since you must have a mcl instance on the main timeline that is loading swf(1) - is use that mcl to load the 'next' (swf(2)) by calling back to the root to that mcl instance with a simple: _root.mcl.loadClip('022.swf', _level0.holder_pic);

              PS. it's not a good idea to start file names with numbers, compilers don't tend to like that much :)
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                micgamb Level 1
                Thank you for the quick reply,
                could you please try to re-explain where and why I have to change with "_root " my ActionScript?
                My English isn't so good to understand you r reply if you could explain it in a simpler way ( if there is one..).
                my swf files aren' t named with numers I was just tried to simplify my problem..
                Thank you so much
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                  clbeech Level 3
                  sure - np with your English - it's admirable really that you can communicate with more than one language :)

                  well it seems as though you are trying to load the second -swf(2)- file from within the first -swf(1)- using code within the first file that is 'targeting' the MovieClip instance the the first file is currently residing in. I don't think that this is possible. Therefore, a better method would be to have a 'single' MCL that resides on the root timeline -main site- , and use it to load whatever file you need. In this way you can call _root.mcl.loadClip() from any loaded file and still target the container clip without breaking the load.