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    "Long Page Applications" (vs. Ajax)


      I'm considering doing all my new websites in Flex, however I have one concern: Many website pages' content go way down pass "the fold" and are very long (or high), as you scroll down and down using the browser.  (e.g., a forum thread with many posts going down the page)


      Flex (on the web) seems more of a "above the fold" paradigm.


      Here is the question: is there anything stopping a Flex application from being very tall (like 3-5 pages high)?  Does it work just as well?  Does Flex handle that well? Is there a limit to how tall/long a Flex application can be?  Would Ajax be a better fit for tall website pages?


      In other words, would it be technically possible to translate/re-write most websites in Flex? or is Flex not really design for tall sites?


      I hope this makes sense.