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    Accordion/Repeater/UI Form

      I'm using an xml object as a repeater dataprovider for an accordion that generates multiple ui forms in the accordion based on the number of children in the xml object. works great except I can't modify the data during run time. I can create one form in my mxml accordion without a repeater and get and set data back to the data base but I need to handle multiple forms. Any ideas...this is driving me nuts.

      If you look at my code I'm only populating on change for the address_1 field which doesn't help.

      I did find this: Run-time changes to an array used as a data provider are not reflected in the Repeater component. Use a collection if you need to allow run-time modification.

      Does this mean any run time changes or just to arrays? remember, I'm not using an array as a dataprovider, i'm using an xml object.