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    Final Cut vs Premiere

    kdoc2 Level 1

      I've been gravitating to Premier because I'm on a PC. Everyone I know who works with video works on Final Cut. Can someone please explain to me the difference, and why FC is so much more popular? Many have suggested to me that I get an Imac or whatever, add Parallel, and work on FC pro or express. Why are so many professionals (I mainly know photojournalists in regard to video) so sold on FC--how do they compare and contrast?



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          icaribou Level 1

          one word: marketing.


          I think alot of people are going to regret going mac in a few years.

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            kdoc2 Level 1

            So, putting aside the never-ending battle between us PC'ers and Mac'ers, and the fact that Steve Jobs is both an incredable originator and marketer, and the prognosis of both Steve Jobs and the Mac computer, what are you saying--can you be specific about how you'd compare and rate these two programs?




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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Everyone I know who works with video works on Final Cut.


              Maybe you have the wrong circle of acquaintances.


              Everyone I know who works with video works on PR, Vegas or Edius. A different crowd I think.

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                I'm a MAC user who decided to edit with Premiere on that platform rather than join the Final Cut cult.  I've been editing with Premiere for years, and have come to like the environment and its integration with the other apps in the suite.

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                  kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

                  Most of my friends use FC but sometimes when they look at my videos, the 1st thing they ask is what program did you use to do this  ?

                  And i tell Premiere CS3.

                  I have seen them working on a project , didn't impress me at all

                  one thing that i can say for sure is that now days none beats Adobe !!

                  Spcially the things that you can do with AE.

                  look on "YouTube"

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                    Curt Wrigley Level 4

                    FCP and PPRO are both quality editing packages.   You are in a very biased environment here, as you would be if you were in a FCP forum as well.   And it is true that FCP has infiltrated most editing shops significantly more than Pr.   Just look for job listings for editors; they mostly want FCP experience.  But; look at smaller one man shops and you will find Pr dominates more there.


                    I think the question is which platform do you like the best.  If its PC; Pr is the obvious choice.   If you prefer mac, then the choice is a bit harder.   The two things Pr has going for it that you wont find in FCP are


                    1. Really good integration between apps; especially Pr, AE, En.   The Dynamic Linking functionality between these apps is not possible in FCP environment, even though many FCP users also use AE and En.  (En for its bluray capabilities that Apple is just now realizing has won the format war)
                    2. Native format editing.  FCP converts or wraps almost every video format it imports before it can be edited; into an intermediate format.  Pr edits everything (it supports) Natively.    Some might argue creating an intermediate is a useful strategy.  I personally like Adobe's strategy of handling everything natively.
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                      kdoc2 Level 1

                      Thanks very much: very helpful.I'm at a fairly frustrated stage, so I see I need to shoulder through. My system has been doing strange things--suddenly changing workspaces; claiming that a previous project I was working on is "incompatible format," pasting on the incorrect track (after I designated it by targeting), etc. But I'm not giving up!! I'm simply trying to figure out whether this program is so quirky that one would really have to spend hours and hours troubleshooting. I don't mind spending the time learning, .. as long as I'm assured that the program is by nature stable, robust and user-relatively-friendly!!



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                        medeamajic Level 2

                        Are you good with computers and video editing software in general? I am not trying to be rude but everyone thinks that there are a professional video editor now days. While most computers can allow for highend video editing not everyone is cut out to be a video editor. I admit computer are less exepenisve than INDY race cars but not everyone is going to succeed in the world of video production.


                        Before one asks if they should race Chevy or Ford at NASCAR they should first ask if they have the skills do to so.


                        You might be really good at video editing. If that is the case what software you use is not important.


                        I prefer Adobe Premiere but if I was asked to edit on a Avid system I could do it.



                        I hope this helps.

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                          Curt Wrigley Level 4

                          If you know FCP you already know the fundamentals of editing, so learning the differences in Pr should not be difficult.

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                            Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                            CS4 runs a lot better now that we have relpaced our Intel Q6600/ 32 bit XP and Vista editing machines. We have 3 Final Cut Mac guys at work and the owner and I favor the PC.  The PC and Premiere CS4 bashing (before we replaced our under-performing ediitng computers) by the Mac guys at work got so bad that it was really starting to get annoying.  The owner sat the Mac guys down and basically told them that we are not switching from PC to Mac so shut-up.


                            One time several months ago when we were out on a shoot, during a lunch break, one of the more vocal Mac guys told me that Final Cut on the Mac is the standard for video editing, particularly television. There must be reason, he said.


                            Right now, the only thing I see that Final Cut does better than Premiere CS4 is the "Log and Transfer" where it takes that miserable Panasonic P2 folder structure video file format and generates a single-unit hi-def QuickTime file.  A work around with Premiere is to buy Focus Enhancements P2 converter and batch convert the P2 nonsense into hi-def QuickTime files.


                            With the Mac, I personally don't like the one-button mouse, the position of the Ctrl key on the Mac Keyboard. Final Cut seems less intuitive, for example, the Final Cut timeline zoom shortcut, 1 for zoom and 2 for wide. Premiere uses + and - which makes more sense to me and is the tip of the iceberg of what I don't like about Final Cut.  But... for many prople, once you learn the Final Cut "secret knock", many people seem to prefer it.


                            I have a feeling that the combination of WIndows 7 64 bit, the new 6 core Intel i7 processors, Premiere Pro CS5 64 bit native and The Mercury Playback Engine (M.P.E. tweak, tweak) will cause many editors to give Premiere a second look. Especially when the youtube videos emerge showing CS5 killing Final Cut on the Mac in render speed, export speed, Red file handling and overall editing speed. I just ask of Adobe; release a stable product.

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                              kdoc2 Level 1

                              Thanks folks: the facts are clearer. In answer to a couple of comments. I'm not a video editor, but am a photographer, but have worked with multimedia (stills and sound), and with Audacity and Proshow. I'm fine with Photoshop, and know I can learn video editing if I hang in there, so am just checking if Premiere is worth sticking with--and it sounds like it is. YOu guys keep talking about CS5--do you know something about release date? I ask because if it's near, buying CS4 Suite (I've got Photoshop) might be a stupid move at this time. If it's a year off, well, then I might as well go ahead.



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                                medeamajic Level 2

                                Some posted a link that stated CS5 should be here in April.


                                My guess is that it will blow FCP away but who knows for sure?

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