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    Device Control/Capture Problem


      My computer set up is an HP xw9300 workstation running Windows XP. I shoot 720/60p HDV, sometimes with tape and sometimes with tape and hard drive. The cameras are JVC and the deck is the JVC BR-HD50. Although I had some difficulty getting Premiere from CS2 to recognize the deck for recording, it eventually did. No problems at all with Premiere in CS3. I recently upgraded to CS4...and haven't been able to capture anything since. In the dviice control, both under preferences and in the capture program, the settings that worked in CS2 and CS3 are JVC/Standard. Using the same settings with Premiere in CS4, device control will control the deck functions (forward/play/back), but it will not record and it will not stop the deck. I've tried all the JVC settings...none work. I've also tried to capture without device control...no soap. Anybody have any ideas as to what is going on here? Your help and suggestions are appreciated.