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    wordpress theme problem

    kitweb Level 1

      I am using a wordpress theme on my website that has some fireworks images on it:




      It is the mask that is hiding the text as is scrolls sideways.


      The problem I have is that if I change the background, the masks still have a color gradient on them that does not match the background.


      Can someone please tell me how I can match the masks to the gradient I currently have on my background? They are similar but slightly off. I have fireworks but not sure how to use it.


      Many Thanks.

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          pixlor Level 4

          First, could you put your Fireworks files on your site and link directly to them? I'm happy to help you with Fireworks, but I don't want to have to dig through all the various files to find them and guess at which ones you might mean.


          Second, when you go to make images for your Web site, you don't want to use the original FW documents. You want to export flattened images. The flattened images, since they don't contain all the masking and other information specific to FW, are much smaller. Since there's no good way to tell the difference based on the file extension, I try to follow a procedure I read about here: I save my Fireworks documents with a "double" extension, .fw.png; then, when I export, I use the standard extension, .png.

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            kitweb Level 1

            hi sorry about that.


            here are a link to the files:






            Somehow the deisgner has matched the gradient on these files with the background gradient:




            You will notice that the gradient merges seamlessly with the flash carousel.


            What I have done is to entirely recreate the background file with a new gradient and try to match it as closely as possible to the carousel in order to get rid of the 75 logo...




            I have it close but its still not seamless hence why I am trying to work out how the designer combined the two elements...

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              pixlor Level 4

              Okay. It looks like these are not the original Fireworks document, but collections of 32-bit pngs. (You should flatten these before using them online.) There is no mask information in either of the files. It looks like kind of a CSS sprite thing going on, where multiple images are combined into one to reduce download overhead. You'll need to find all occurrences of each file in the original theme and see what the sizes and offsets are in the CSS. This will tell you which of the six image objects in each file are being used where. And that's the best I can do for you.


              Your question is not a Fireworks question. It isn't even a question about an Adobe product. You're asking how some other person coded a Wordpress theme. You might try asking your question on the support forum for the theme: http://www.press75.com/v4/folio-elements-theme-demo/ .

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                Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                What you ask is if you can recreate the images with the subtle gradients in Adobe Fireworks. Yes, you can! :-)


                It's a WordPress theme, it doesn't matter


                If you post your Fireworks PNG files here along with links and explanations, what you want exactly to achieve, I suppose that one of us may help -- I myself have often edited Fireworks files for my WP themes

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                  kitweb Level 1

                  havnt i just done that?

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                    Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                    OK, I've downloaded the files and I saw both the original theme and your variant, but they seem pretty close to me..


                    The black is #070707 in both versions, and the gradient fades to this color, as far as I can see...


                    In your version, I see at the top left and top right that there's sort of a boundary, where #070707 is suddenly meeting #0B0B0B (another shade of black), is this the problem you see?


                    Now, I am entirely and totally not sure if this will fix it, but see two attached files, with slighly edited gradient of your background image. One of them is exported JPG@100% and the other is editable Fw PNG file. See if this will hep you somehow... Maybe you can de-construct the PNG file and edit the gradient and the shape in it and then have better results with matching colors? You need to see the files uploaded on your server anyway, and see how this all fits.


                    I can't help more, I think... at least for now.