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      I raised Case #0181350870 on the 23rd and heard nothing so far, any chance someone could reset my ADE activations limit

      as I have no computer to download my new books to.


      I de-activated my windows7 ADE installation "Ctrl/shift/D"   then proceeded to install ADE  on my macbook pro

      which then failed to activate with the  E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS error message

      I went back to my windows pc and tried to recativate and that was met with the same error.

      the full error message is in the attached jpg in the case notes


      I created a new ADE account as a test and I could activate my ADE on OSX with the new id without any problems

      so the install is ok, but that will not get me access to my existing library of books so I deactivated.


      it looks like I just need my ADE activation limit reset please, pretty please :-) be your friend forever.


      Happy christmas and new year to all.