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    HELP: Email notifications

    kdoc2 Level 1

      I can't stop getting emails on everyone's posts on everything. I Click "Stop Email Notifications" but it seems to reappear. What I WANT is to receive emails on my own threads, but not on all othe others. Is that possible, and if not, how do I stop getting all these emails: there's about 40 in my inbox since midnight last night!!  Help.



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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          Look at the couple topics on page 2 of the forum faq:


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            kdoc2 Level 1

            Thanks Curt: They seem to be set correctly. Let's see if that works now! (I'm gone for the day).



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              This ARTICLE will give you ideas of exactly where e-mail notifications can be set. There are basically three places to look, depending on what is generating the e-mail notifications.


              Good luck,



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                kdoc2 Level 1

                OK, thanks. I've got the correct things checked, I believe, but perhaps just looking at

                a post might have generated something: for example, after this morning only the ones I generated showed up under Preferences, but this afternoon two new ones I'd never heard of appeared. So I've not put "no" under ones I didn't create and "yes" to those I did create, and we'll see. The Three" places I now know: one is in the upper right hand corner of the page (send or stop email nofications); one is in Your Stuff> Profile>, Email notifications, and the third is Your Stuff>Preferences. BTW: That upper right hand one which says stop email, etc. Does that just refer to the particular thread one is on, or to all threads?