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    Choppy video playback

    flexchief Level 1
      I am creating a video jukebox application that must play a music video (.flv) and allow the user to browse through a large music collection while the video plays. The video plays in a video display component and because I need to display a lot of picture data (for the album art of each video) at once I am using a tile list with an item render to display the artwork. This tile list works fine and displays 16 album pictures at one time (4 across and 4 down). However I have a very serious problem when I want to scroll up/down through content of the tile list if there is a video playing as it will cause my video to skip/stutter/become choppy (the audio for the playing video also skips)?

      My album art is loaded from a local sqlite database which simply contains strings pointing to where each album picture is located on my local C drive. All my pictures are jpeg's and are all less than 50kb in size.

      I have tried reducing the number of pics displayed in the tile list at any one time to as little as 6 (3 across and 2 down) and have found that this greatly reduces the frequency of the skips in the video but I do still get the odd one especially if I am scrolling quickly up/down through the tile list.

      I have also tried to use a different approach to displaying the album art as apposed to the logical tile list component. I have made a standard panel into which I placed 6 blank image components which act as containers, into which I simply load the first 6 results of an sql query and when the user clicks the down button it loads in the next 6 - a bit crude but I thought it might work...... unfortunately it didn't and I got the same problem as I did when scrolling through the tile list!

      I have also tried reducing the quality/size of all of my images but have found that this too makes very little difference (if any) to my problem.

      Also, thinking this issue may have been down to a lack of memory I upgraded the RAM in my PC to 6GB and still found no change in performance.

      My PC is a Dell Optiplex GX745 with a 3.2GHz Intel Celeron CPU and I'm running Windows XP SP2.

      Can anyone please help me I'm really lost as to where to go from here?

      Adam (Flexchief)
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          ASnewbie Level 1
          Hello Flexchief,
          is it possible for me to look at your code? you can email me at yankeedoodles at hotmail.com
          Cos the first thing that I would think about is trying to replace the flash scroll component with a home made scrollbar. This has helped me alot.
          Next, the flv playback might be looping for some reason. I did a video juke box such as yours sometime back and I found out that I was actually relaunching the video multiple times on click. This caused the video to be laggy. It was harder for me to determine as mine was audioless so i couldnt really tell that a video was looping behind my already playing video.
          Maybe you might want to consider some of the most primitive things that are often overlooked..it happens to me alot.

          Please do keep us all updated