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    Choppy video playback

    flexchief Level 1
      I am creating a video jukebox application that must play a music video (.flv) and allow the user to browse through a large music collection while the video plays. The video plays in a video display component and because I need to display a lot of picture data (for the album art of each video) at once I am using a tile list with an item render to display the artwork. This tile list works fine and displays 16 album pictures at one time (4 across and 4 down). However I have a very serious problem when I want to scroll up/down through content of the tile list if there is a video playing as it will cause my video to skip/stutter/become choppy (the audio for the playing video also skips)?

      My album art is loaded from a local sqlite database which simply contains strings pointing to where each album picture is located on my local C drive. All my pictures are jpeg's and are all less than 50kb in size.

      I have tried reducing the number of pics displayed in the tile list at any one time to as little as 6 (3 across and 2 down) and have found that this greatly reduces the frequency of the skips in the video but I do still get the odd one especially if I am scrolling quickly up/down through the tile list.

      I have also tried to use a different approach to displaying the album art as apposed to the logical tile list component. I have made a standard panel into which I placed 6 blank image components which act as containers, into which I simply load the first 6 results of an sql query and when the user clicks the down button it loads in the next 6 - a bit crude but I thought it might work...... unfortunately it didn't and I got the same problem as I did when scrolling through the tile list!

      I have also tried reducing the quality/size of all of my images but have found that this too makes very little difference (if any) to my problem.

      Also, thinking this issue may have been down to a lack of memory I upgraded the RAM in my PC to 6GB and still found no change in performance.

      My PC is a Dell Optiplex GX745 with a 3.2GHz Intel Celeron CPU and I'm running Windows XP SP2.

      Can anyone please help me I'm really lost as to where to go from here?

      Adam (Flexchief)