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    FLVPlayback Playhead not moving

    Rothrock Level 5
      I'm using the FLV playback component in AS2 published to Flash 9.

      I'm loading in a list of possible FLV (and mp4) videos from XML and then based on the user's input setting the contentPath of the component.

      I'm using the external steel playback controls--although I've tried some of the other ones as well.

      The video is starting just fine. The metadata is received. But for some reason the little triangle that shows how much of the video has played isn't moving. I can drag it and seek around, but then the triangle just sits there.

      I've checked the playheadUpdate event and it is giving the correct percentages every little bit (I'm guessing 250 milliseconds which it says is the default interval).

      So anybody know anything about this?
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          Rothrock Level 5
          I searched around and couldn't find any reason or that anybody else has had this problem. Which is strange.

          I've kind of "fixed" it by using the playheadUpdate event.

          listener.playheadUpdate = function(event:Object):Void {
          if (event.state != "seeking") {
          _level0.player.skin_mc.seekBarHandle_mc._x = _level0.player.skin_mc.seekBarProgress_mc._x+player.playheadPercentage*_level0.player.ski n_mc.seekBarProgress_mc._width/100;

          Seems kludgy and also seems like there might be states where it will get messed up, but this isn't a high demand thing, just an inhouse tool for testing some videos.

          If anybody else has any ideas, please post them.
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            Open the component Inspector, select your flv player and toggle the isLive property from true to false.  This property of the flvPlayback component is also accessible through actionscript.