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    destructive rasterization when applying PS filters in IL?


      hi everyone


      here's my problem. afaik when one applies a photoshop filter to a vector image, the process is destructive. the image is rasterized and then the effect is applied.


      when i want to vectorise it again i do a live trace [with the most demanding settings], and naturally lose some of the definition, it doesnt look as good as it did as a raster.


      my question is, how can i provide maximum fidelity when destructively applying ps filters to paths? - would rasterizing very large vector images help?


      on another note, apart from downloading svg filters [i'm about to post another thread on that] - is there any other way of adding IL or PS filters to illustrator? i really like the creative possibilities and always feel like having more would be wonderful.


      thanks all


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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Any raster effect applied using the Effects menu is non-destructive and preserves the original vector art. You can see this when you switch to Outline view of if you select the artwork — the paths with be highlighted. If you are applying the effects through the Filter menu (Version < 14), then the result is rasterized. You can protect yourself from this by either using the Effect menu or preserving a copy of the original vector art on a hidden layer.