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    Mutli Level Image Gallery




      I am building an multi level image gallery based on tilelist. There are a number of galleries, each containing multiple images.


      The view of the galleries is built from an xml file into a TileList. What I would like to happen is that when you click a gallery then all of the images are displayed in another tilelist.


      Can someone explain to me how I would load one TileList from clicking with another Tilelist ?

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          Matt Le Fevre Level 4

          I currently have something similar working as an image gallery,


          basically for the different image folders i have the XML format arranged something like this:




          On itemclick on that tileList, i POST the 'selectedItem.name' to a PHP file, which opens the folder of that name, and returns all the image files.


          On result of that request i simply set the other Tile List's dataprovider to the event result;


          private function fillTileList(evt:ResultEvent):void
               TileList2.dataprovider = evt.result;