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    Hardware tuning

    fredgilb Level 1

      Is it possible to increase the availibility of CPU to premeire? I've noticed that even when the program is running slowly because of multiple filters in nested seqences it is only using 25 % of the four cores. When it's rendering it uses 100%.


      Is there a way to tell how much the GPU is contributing to performance? Or if it is contributing what it should?


      Multple drives. Temp on a 15K rpm drive


      I have an HP xw8600 Workstation on Vista 64, 8 gig ecc ram


      One,  2.8 ghz xeon


      ATI fire gl 5600


      Thanks fer tinkin'

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          No, no. But to find out if your system is running correctly, run the http://ppbm4.com benchmark and submit the results to Bill. It will show you how your system performs in relation to other systems and from the results we can usually see if anything can be improved.

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            fredgilb Level 1

            This very interesting. I ran the test twice. The second time with defraged drives, 8 non essential services turned off and the output to a different drive from the project / preview files. Also moved the OS temp file to a different drive from the poject.


            Total benchmark went from 124.2 to 99.4

            AVI encode 35.6 to 11.3

            MPEG elapsed = same 54 sec.

            Rendering = same 34 sec.