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    Premiere Elements 8 Menu Font Size Changes


      I had the same issue in Premiere Elements 7 so this isn't a version-specific issue:


      I tend to want long main menu marker names so often change the font size to something smaller. More often than not, although all looks well when I finish with the menu, I find after burning the disc that the last menu item or two has changed back to a larger font size with the result that part of the name for that item has run off the screen as well as making the menu look bizarre.


      Going back to the menu in Premiere reveals the same changes displayed on the burned disc. Something happens between finishing creating the menu and burning the disc. Once this has happened, I cannot do anything to change it back - and the properties for the altered menu items show the font size I had selected - although that's not what appears both in Premiere and on the disc.


      Has anyone else run into this issue consistently?

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          Paul787 Level 3

          I have had the same issue occur several times. In my case, after creating the Menu, I had gone back to do some tweaking of the video and then burned the DVD and somewhere in there the font size issue crept in. Since then, I make sure all my vidoe tweaking is done and then I double-check my Menu *right* before burning to ensure all the fonts look OK. Since then I haven't had the problem reoccur.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Not sure of the exact cause of this font change, but one thing to take into consideration with long character strings, that will appear in Buttons on a Menu - there are spatial limitations. Buttons cannot overlap in any way. Every element in a Button MUST fit within the area allocated to that Button. This is part of the DVD-specs., and not a limitation of the program - no overlap by even one pixel.


            Because the Menu authoring is semi-automatic in PrE, it could well be that the long character strings are getting in the way of alloted size. In a full-featured authoring program, like Adobe Encore, one still has the Button overlap limitation, but can control every aspect of the Button's name, what is displayed, and can also manually size every aspect to get everything within the Button's Bounding Box, so that no overlap occurs. One can also resize and move Buttons around, where PrE uses pre-made Templates. I'd also guess that some Menus might allow longer character strings, than others, just by their design.


            In your case, can you list the Menu Template that is giving you issues? There might be ways to alter it, to allow for more room between Buttons, if that is the cause of the behavior that you see.


            Good luck,



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              SKTGH87 Level 1

              The problem has actually occurred in several different menus. I am ensuring there is no overlap between those

              buttons/text and others. For some reason, the problem always occurs with the bottom button or two; never with the top one.


              I am moving the buttons around to ensure no overlap and all text remains on the menu. Again, though, something happens between finishing menu creation and burning the disc. When I then go back to look at the menu - they've changed back, and font size inexplicably and incorrectly still shows my alterations.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Interesting, and thanks for reporting.


                I could see this happening on all Buttons, because each Button has a Bounding Box that contains all elements of the Button, including the Button's Text Layer. If one exceeded that Bounding Box, due to font sizes, or length of text, I could easily see the program reverting to a smaller (default) font size, to fit the text.


                You say that it only happens with the bottom 1-2 Buttons. Could it be that you had more text in those, and that the same thing would also have happened in other Buttons, if you had as much text? Just thinking here.


                Also, I can see the program reverting on the bottom Button, if the font size and length of the text string put the Button beyond the Title Safe Area, but that would be for only the bottom Button(s), on the lower margin of the Menu.


                Other than the observations above, I cannot think of any other instance that could/would result in the behavior that you are encountering. Also, the above are just speculations, based on the limitations of DVD/BD Menus.


                Good luck,



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                  SKTGH87 Level 1

                  Thanks Hunt. I don't recall if it's always been the case that the bottom one or two buttons that reverted between menu creation and disc burning were always the buttons with the longest text, but I don't think this is the case. In any event, it shouldn't matter if when I finished the menu, all text was resized to bring everything inside the menu without overlapping.


                  What I do know for sure is that it's happened repeatedly and unpredictably (unpredictable to ME, that is, because I haven't figured out why it's worked occasionally). This has caused me to lose many hours' worth of work - because I can't see the reversion until the disc has been burned - and my hard lesson learned is to keep the titles short enough that I don't have to resize text.


                  If anyone figures it out, let me know!!

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                    Paul787 Level 3

                    the_wine_snob, I was able to replicate this issue on my PRE3. I used the Popcorn menu template, changed the menu font and color, did a manual save and then exited the program. When I reopened PRE, the fonts and color on part of the title had reverted back to the default font and color. I've attached a photo of it.


                    SKTGH87, are you double-checking the menu *right* before burning? Since I've started double-checking the Main Menu just prior to a burn, this issue hasn't occurred again for me.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Just so that I can replicate your behavior, let me make sure that what I think, is what you did.


                      It appears that in the Main Menu, you just altered the font and color in the standard Text Box (not Button text). You Saved, Exited and then relaunched PrE, loading that same Project. When this was done, the changes that you had made had reverted to the original. Is that correct?


                      I'll go and try that now, and report. If I am off-course, please tell me where the above is incorrect, and I will change my tests.





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                        Paul787 Level 3

                        the_wine_snob, I changed all the text to a larger font and changed the color to red.

                        After saving, and exiting and restarting the program, only part of the title reverted to the smaller yellow font. The first part of the title, with the large red font, is what I had changed all of the title to.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Thanks for that. I used the Popcorn Menu, as did you. I changed the fonts, color, size, and even a bit of the position. Did a Save, shut down PrE, re-launched it, and Opened the Project. Nothing moved, or changed from when I did the Save.


                          Not sure why the differences in behavior.



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                            Kodebuster Level 3

                            I've witnessed the same font size issues in PE4 and PE7.


                            If I recall correctly, it was not tied to a paticular Menu, but will happen across the Menu choices.


                            I've become so used to it, that out of habit, I re-check all Menu pages for the correct font and size, before I Burn-to-Folder.


                            I also suspect that this feature has not been fixed in PE8.


                            With so many issues witnessed with PE 8, this probably has no priority at all within Adobe...

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                              SKTGH87 Level 1

                              Paul, yes, I was going straight from the menu to the Share tab and burned the disc.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Hi Kodebuster. We've missed you and hope that your Holidays were great.


                                Now, as I do not do authoring in PrE, I have to admit that I have little, to no experience in the idiosyncracies of the program.


                                What I would be interested in finding out would be what the parameters are, that cause such behavior. It seems odd that at certain times, the program decides to not apply the changes. There has to be something that is causing this. It could be things like a font size change causing the Buttons to overlap, which cannot happen due to the DVD-specs. There has to be a set of circumstances, where it is not obvious that there will be a problem, but the program is forced to ignore the changes.


                                The reason that I chose the Popcorn Menu was that it caused an issue in an earlier test. If this behavior is universal, and not Menu-specific, then there must be something overriding causing it. If it is a Bug, we should be able to reproduce it over and over. That is what Adobe would need to do, to work on the code behind the problem.


                                Though I only have PrE 4, I would be glad to do any testing, in hopes that we CAN reproduce things, and then send a Bug Report to Adobe.


                                I have a simple "test" Project, that I am using here. It ends up with a Main Menu and 3 Scene Selection Menus for the auto DVD Markers. I can create a new Project, if the specs. might play a role in this matter. Just let me know.


                                Good luck,



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                                  Paul787 Level 3

                                  Sorry my suggestion didn't help SKTGH87. I tried numerous times today to see if the error would happen again but it didn't; which is how it has it has usually been for me. I'll play around with the Menus some more when I have a bit of time and if anything comes up I'll post it and let others like the_wine_snob decipher what it all means.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    Please do share the observations. While I can only test in PrE 4 (and then in PS, if required), I'll be happy to create a new Project and use nay Menu in my Templates Library. I'd love to get to the bottom of this. Just let me know how I might be of help.