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    De Authorising ADE on a Mac




      I purchased a Sont eReader PRS 600 for my wife. Having installed the Sont Software on her Mac I proceeded to download the free classics sucessfully to the new Reader.

      We then decided to purchase an ebook from the WH Smith site.

      Although the file appeared to have transferred to the Downloads directory on the Mac the Sony software was unable to see it.

      I then downloaded ADE and installed onto the Mac. When asked to authorise the software I tried to do so with my wife's brand new Adobe ID.

      This was on Boxing day PM and after several unsuccessful attempts I decided to try my existing Adobe ID. This worked staightaway.

      Unfortunately the now authorised ADE cannot see the purchased book (I cant recall if I had given WH Smith my wife's new Adobe ID during the process of buying the ebook)

      I understand that I probably need to de authorise ADE on the Mac and then to try to authorise it with my wife's ID.

      I know that on a PC the deauthorise option appears with CTRL + Shift + E , how do I proceed on a Mac , I tried CMD + Shift + E but this does nothing


      Hopefully you can point me in the right direction