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    Fuzzy, soft QT after export form AF

    Stefan Hallberg


      I have made a slide show with some transitions and effect and sound in AF.  The preset used when creating the composition: NTSC D1 Widescreen Square Pixels 782 x 486 px, 29.97 fps.  After exporting the project to a Quick Time movie with (or so I though) the same settings, it appears very soft and fuzzy.  All the imagery looks very crisp in After Effects.


      I did use the render Queue for exporting the porject.


      Any suggestions as to export this as crips as it is are appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your source footage field interpretation and your output settings for fields! Using fields effectively reduces vertical resolution by half and if not handled correctly, will show up in the final output as loss of quality.



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            Stefan Hallberg Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium, for the fast response.  What I am creating is a slide show with some image motion and transitions, all from imported PSD still imagery = there is no footage as in movie files imported.  How and where do I access the “source footage field interpretation” since it is all created within after effects?  Attached is a screen shot of the Composition Settings window from the main composition used.  How do I make sure that the output is as crisp as the original imported files?


            Thanks again for any help on this.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              For stills it is not necessary to interpret fields. Footage interpretation is located in File --> Interpret Footage --> Main. Field rendering has nothing to do with the comp settings, it's strictly on input opr for output. since you say you don't use it, I can only assume you are using wrong render settings or compression that affect image quality. The first probably means that you simply need to set render quality from Current to Best, the latter requires more info on your part. Anyway, as with your other thread I suggest you take a few minutes to read through the online help .



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you are using still images that are more than twice the size of your composition you will also have problems with soft output. Images with a lot of detail should be scaled and sharpened in photoshop to approximately the size of the final output for best results. I also noticed that you are using the full 486 scan lines. If you are rendering to DV then your composition should be 480 pixels high and you should drop that comp into a 720 X 480 DV Widescreen comp for rendering and output.


                If I knew a little more about what your composition, your output device, and your render settings were I could help more.

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                  Stefan Hallberg Level 1

                  When creating this project, I did choose one of the largest pixel dimensions available as a default for output so that I could play it as large as possible on my monitor.  It will eventually be played through a projector and I will find out the resolution of that and provide you with the information.  As you can see in the screen shot in the other thread post, the photos have a gray frame background.  The outer size of the project including the gray background is 872 x 486 pixels and all the placed photos are at this size from Photoshop and scaled to 84% in After Effects in order to fit as shown in the screen shot.  This is so that I can do some Ken Burns effects starting with a larger image = 100% and then scale down as needed and never have to scale up.  This is my logic for whatever its worth.

                  Thanks for your help and input.