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      I recently posted a problem I was having with an swf that I was having problems lining up on my webpage. Now with the help of this forum I thought it was sorted.

      I have changed nothing on the page other than added some meta tags etc, changed nothing in the design what so ever, now the same problem is happening again.


      If anyone can help I would be soooooooooo grateful.


      If you view;




      Now this must be viewed in IE then Firefox for you to see my problem.

      I was advised to insert a body 12px into my style tags (line12) but for some reason if I change this it messes up my site in IE or Firefox.

      Been designing sites for years and never come accross this problem. I didn't really understand why the advice I was givin worked, I was just glad it did so if you can help I really need to know 'why' this is happening.


      If anyone could help I would be really grateful.



          pixlor Level 4

          It's your code. You have a lot of errors in your code. No doctype, two title tags, and your body tag isn't closed for a start.


          I recommend you get these two extensions for Firefox to help you with your debugging:


          I would guess that the reason you were advised to increase your text height was so that your table row would increase in height and be tall enough for the Flash element. That's really not the right way to fix the problem. That's a hack. You need to use the correct tag to insert the Flash element (HTML Validator tells me embed is deprecated) and you need to use a correct method of establishing a sized area (try a div, rather than a proprietary attribute that won't be recognized in all browsers).

            Pete-1967 Level 1

            Hi Pixlor,

            Thank you for the feedback, I am aware of a few errors as I am still finishing off certain pages however I didn't see the two title tags. Code tends not to be my strong point hence I have someone who usually tweaks things for me.


            You response is a little concerning as now it conflicts with previous advice, a hack you say? It seemed a logical thing to do however while I knew what it did I wasn't sure about the if's and why's.

            Not to sure how I insert my flash into my table other than 'inserting'. Can you give me more indepth details on how you would do this please? I work in a mixture of wysiwyg and code (I can hear you scream from here) so please keep that in mind ;-)

            I have set the 'cell' the size I need and make the swf to fit. I then insert from a saved file. Always done it that way and never had any trouble.....until now!


            I have a feeling your going to suggest I have been doing it wrong...............;-)


            Thanks very much for the Firefox add-ons' ;-)

              pixlor Level 4

              It's a hack to use text size to set a table element size, because browsers vary and users can override it. It might work for your setup, but you can't count on it.


              The height attribute on a table cell is not standard HTML. It's labeled proprietary, so only some browsers will recognize it. It's something you can't count on to work.

              http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_td_height.asp See under compatibility notes.


              I don't use Flash elements, so (off the top of my head) I do not know the proper code. You might ask on the Flash forum or use Google to look it up. The code you're using used to be right, but the W3C has deprecated it. You might search Google for "what to use instead of embed." If you do, you might find this page: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/flashsatay/


              Without the doctype as your first line, the browsers are probably going into their various quirks modes, rather than standards modes. This means they're just going to punt and do the best they can with the code. You should decide on a doctype and code to that.



              Since you started coding years ago, standards have evolved and browsers have changed. Your old way of coding doesn't work as well as it used to. Ya gotta keep with the times, at least a little bit.

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                HI - I am a new contributor and fairly new to Flash - but I do know HTML and CSS. Yuo are not alone in having positioning problems with the different browsers!

                However, I am wondering why you are putting all your styles into your HTML page and not using a linked CSS stylesheet? I know I find it much easier to use CSS - I can make a new class or div whenever I need to define something and absolute or relative positioning is much easier to do that way. I also find it easier to work the cross-browser thing with CSS - you can make separate instructions for IE, Firefox and other browsers.

                Maybe the person who tweaks your code for you could take a look at doing this - it is the way most of the designers and developers I know are working.



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                  Pete-1967 Level 1

                  Hi there,

                  Yes I gathered I am not alone with this problem. I tend not to put all my styles into external style sheets as I tend to use different styles per page and not apply the same style across my site. Sounds a bit odd! Just my way of doing things and I like my pages to be totally flexible and have never found it a problem however have wondered if I could do an external style sheet per webpage but as mentioned I am not into coding so not bothered yet

                  Hmm and as for making different instructions for IE, Firefox and other browsers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I do see that added to my sites occasionally by the person who tweaks my sites but still don't know the whys and what fore's. As said coding isn't my thing and wish it was but will leave that to people like you, you obviously know what your talking about


                  I am in the process of redoing what I was origanally trying to achieve based on some of what Pixlor sent me but must admit it is all rather frustrating


                  Have you heard of making external style sheets for each page of a website before? Cant say I have given it much thought until you mentioned it.


                  Ps, thanks Pixlor for all your info, as mentioned working on what you sent and will let you know how I get on

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                    webmom2009 Level 1

                       I sometimes use several different style sheets for a site - sometimes more than one for a single page. For example - I know search engines look at <h1> tags for content, and I like to have my headings at a certain size on the main pages of my site. But I want the topic headings and subheads to be more subdued in the articles I write for the site. I have one style sheet (main.css) for the main content, with 18px <h1> tags, and one (articles.css) for the articles with 12px <h1> tags. I have a third (form.css) just for the contact page, to format the form I use, so on that page I list both main.css and form.css as links. This lets me keep the <h1> tags and use them effectively for the SEO, but change the font size to conform with what I want for each page.  I keep all my style sheets in a folder - called, unsurprisingly, 'styles' - just the way I keep all my scripts in a 'scripts' folder and 'images' in an images folder. This keeps the site organisation on the server tidy, and gives me a great deal of flexibility about how I style my pages. It also keeps the code on the actual page smaller.


                    While I do not have any articles on my own site on this specific topic, there is a good article about it here  http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2003/11/05/using-multiple-external-style-sheets


                    And if you would like to see a truly amazing example of how style sheets can affect the content of a page - go and see http://www.csszengarden.com/ .




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                      Pete-1967 Level 1

                      Hi Webmom,

                      Hmmm we seem to have created a completely different discussion

                      Do you have a site that you have done where I could see an example of this use of style sheets please?

                      I have never used more than one style sheet per site and found the article you sent interesting.

                      Code and CSS are not my strengths but making style sheets, one as a generic style for a site the other defining unique styles to an individual page sounds very interesting.


                      Thanks, P

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                        webmom2009 Level 1

                        Pete - you're right, we are on a tangent here. I have started a discussion about this topic in Web Design. I keep trying to put a link in here but it does not seem to be working. Anyway, if you want, go to the Web Design Forum and look for the topic "Mulitple CSS".



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                          Pete-1967 Level 1

                          Hi Pixlor,

                          Marked this discussion as correct for you and thank you. I took on board some of the info you sent in the links and had to change my way of doing this as it ended up being a real problem.

                          Anyway thanks again P

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                            webmom2009 Level 1

                            Thanks for the link, Pixlor!

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                              pixlor Level 4

                              You're both welcome!


                              Hang in there, Pete!