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    OT - question on private messages

    dradeke Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      Is there any way for me to set up a preference for me to be notified when I receive a private message?  I'm trying to be responsive, but I don't notice when I get a private message and as you can imagine, I'm juggling several things all of the time.  I didn't see anything in preferences - is there a way to be notified?




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          im not sure how but I get a notice just like my other notices from when someone replies to me.


          it just says I have a private message.


          im sure there is a check box somewhere.




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            after looking all i can tell is i have both boxes checked yet under "your stuff" preferences


            it just goes to my e-mail.


            also I have noticed that when I get a private message the 'Your Stuff" above turns ORANGE


            and when I click it it shows the private message.



            ENjoy:  GLenn

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I had this set, as you wish to, but with the recent forum maintenance, and my having to go from IE 7 to Google Chrome to get some functionality back, I have not been able to get it to work reliably. Now, I have to say that today, I DID get notification of a PM, so something is working right again, and not really from anything that I did in either my Profile, or with Google Chrome - I gave up trying two weeks ago.


              I'm not sure if maybe Jive and/or Adobe has made another change and gotten this function back, or if it's the phases of the Moon? I can only say that the PM e-mail notification was the only one that I wanted, and could do nothing to get it back. Then, today I got my first PM e-mail in about a month.


              Sorry to not have a definitive answer, other than to say that it started working for me today.


              Good luck,