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    Need help scrolling a canvas (verticalScrollPosition)


      I've now spent about six hours trying to get this to work and just can't seem to get it to work.


      I want to implement a "scrolling credits" component like at the end of a Hollywood movie.


      I'm using a canvas component and trying to use the verticalScrollPosition to tell it to scroll (1 unit every 100 ms).  However, it never moves.  I can't seem to ever get it off 0,0.   The scroll bar is always at the top!


      The canvas will be 1000 units high (or so) with period text "Starring Bob Smith", "Directed by Willie Gordon," etc.  But I only want 300 units (vertical) to show.


      Can someone please present a very simple solution where a canvas inside of a canvas component is scrolled up? What property do I set to have it scroll within the clipped region?