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    Module communication ….

    aktell2007 Level 1

      I’m working on a single modular application which has several levels and on these levels I do have a module which I use as a ‘Main Carrier module ***’ for other sub modules.
      Now one of these Sub modules has a component attached, and I do need to ‘CLICK’ a button in that component which in return activates a certain ‘Click of a Button’ in the ‘Main Carrier module ***’ through a Button Click Handler or else?
      I’m mostly interested in the idea and how to write and use the ‘Button Click handler’ etc.


      *** Is NOT the Application module!!!


      Any help would be appreciated very much since I have been looking for a couple of days and could not find anything.


      Thanks in advance aktell2007

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          _Natasha_ Level 4


          I think that the best way for this is generating a custom event in click event handler in your module and listen this event in main Application or any other module. Other ways will be much harder to realize.

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            aktell2007 Level 1

            I tried to convey in my thread that there is NO-need for Inter Communication between the Application module (parent.Application) and the so called ‘Main Carrier module ***’ just between two modules in which one has a component the other not.

            I’m using communication between modules e.g. enabled or say visible and that’s OK, but I have not used it where I have to ‘CLICK’. I was only looking for ideas of code to use for something like a buttonClickHandler? To action a click event.


            Thanks in advance aktell