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    Changing or modify the aspect ratio on existing MOV footage - PE7

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      I'm a little puzzled with the problem I'm having with my .MOV files.  My camera is a Aiptek.  The setting on it is for D1 (DVD quality.  It's supposedly 4:3.  I had some existing footage that has the correct aspect to it (so somehow, I did it correclty before), but then I got a nasty malware that required me to wipe my hard drive.  Probably lost some drivers and codecs along the way.  I've re-installed Quicktime and QT alternative, and I can import the MOV files, but rather than the correct 4:3 format, it looks like it's squashing it into 16:9, even though I've specifically set my default for the project as 4:3.   I know that the camera shoots footage like letterbox, to an extent, but  the picture I get in the PE editing screen is not correct.  Any ideas of what I"m doing wrong?  I tried importing it into Nero like I have in the past, but apparently is still doesn't see the QT codec or something, so I can't export it as an MPEG and then it into PE.