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    Some .dng files will not open in PS/ACR

    mwgreen Level 1

      I have version 5.6 of Adobe Camera Raw.  I'm Using PS-CS4 Ext both 64 and 32 bit running on Windows 7U 64-bit.  Lightroom version is 2.6.   All Adobe apps are fully updated.


      I have a batch of sample .dng files from the Scotty Kelby training book for Lightroom 2.  All of these files are visible and editable in Lightroom 2.6 but only some are editible and viewable in Bridge/PS.  The rest give and error (in PS) that it can't be opened because it is the wrong type of file.  ACR does NOT open.  In Bridge, right-clicking the icon image icon does not make "open with ACR" available as one of the options.


      The sample files are available here:  http://www.kelbytraining.com/downloads/books/lightroom2/chapter_4.zip


      Anybody know  why Bridge & PS are having "issues" with these .dng files?