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    Weird:: Streaming video with the StreamingURLResource strangeness

    Mr Binitie Level 1

      I've had a rather curious video streaming experience. I streamed some video with the mediaplayersprite.


      $v8sprite.element = new VideoElement(new NetLoader(),new StreamingURLResource(new FMSURL("rtmp://myfmsserver/river/alpha/wolverine",true),StreamType.RECORDED));


      Now for the experience:- first the Flash player froze, however then I hear the audio track of the video playing. I shut down the browser but I could still hear it playing. Its refused to stop streaming even though there is no browser. None running at all and media file streams merrily in the background sound playing nicely too .

      OS - Ubuntu Studio 9.10 64 bit

      Flash Debug player - 10.1 debug

      SDK - Flex 4