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    Win7 & PE8


      Has anyone had any experience yet in working with this vs8 using the new Win7 OS ?  I just installed it (PE8) in my new computer(well configured for photography&video) and was all set to begin my 'Classroom in a Book" but I thought  I'd check in here first.


      I'd worked with older versions of Elements in the past ...noteably vs4...sometimes successfully but more often than not frustrated...usually with the capture(Pansonic DV) . I was hopeful that with my new system and vs8 I wouldn't have to waste so much time dealing with technical issues. I'm doing this as a hobby not professionally.



      Not certain now from reading the forums if I even want to bother learning vs8. I hate to give in and go back to Movie Maker when I know what can be done in  Elements if it's working the way it should.


      Thank You.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          On a properly powered computer (at least a 2.6 ghz dual-core with 4 gig of RAM), version 8 should work just fine on Windows 7 32-bit editing all but AVCHD and non-standard video (ie, video from still camera, video from Flip cams, etc.)


          The big "if" is the 32-bit version of the operating system. Many people are reporting problems with Windows 7 64-bit and Premiere Elements. This is likely related to the 64-bit drivers not yet being compatible with this 32-bit app.

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            paulette28 Level 1

            Thank you for your response. I have Win7 Home Premium 64-bit on my HP pavilion Elite e9280t. It has 8 GB of Ram and  an Itel i7-920 processor. Can't seem to find the speed on the specs. BTW  the Elements came with it although I had planned to purchase it separately.


            Anyway what I think I'll do is see if I can capture some video and go from there.

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              paulette28 - I am running (trying to run) Pre8 on a Win7 Professional, 32 bit machine with 4GB RAM. I don't have all my specs at hand but my setup is not 'exotic' by any means. I am one of the many people who are having trouble with this version. My system drivers are up-to-date but the program will not re-start after closing. I have not had time yet to try all the suggestions that other Forum users have suggested. I did try all the suggestions that Adobe Support suggested the ONE time they responded to me but it did not make any difference. Good luck.