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    FB2 to FB3 migration


      I know I'm a bit behind the times on this, but FB2 has been working for me for years and I

      didn't want to mess with something that works so well.


      But, I've decided to check out newer versions of FB and am having a few issues.

      (all my testing I have done in separate folders, so have not messed up my original FB2 project)


      I purchased and installed FB3 Professional and was able to get my main FB2 project moved over with only a few hickups, mosting needed to resize buttons and tabs.  I also installed FB4 Beta2 for testing purposes.


      1) The mouse scroll wheel on my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 does NOT scroll the text in the codeview in FB3, but works fine in FB2 and FB4.  I find this to be very annoying.  Is this some setting I missed or a known bug in FB3?


      2) My application that works fine in FB2 compiles w/o error in FB3, but comes up with a totally blank browser window.

      I went into Project and Clear and told it to clear all projects... I have a check mark on Automatically build... when I RUN the project, it goes thru all the compile steps and then opens a blank page in my browser.  The Error window has nothing.  What can I try to get a hint of what's going on here?


      (I get the same result when I try to compile/run it in FB4)




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          jrpruitt Level 1

          Blank screen issue appears to be the way I migrated the project.  Build doesn't seem to be looking at my real data files.  Not sure what it's doing, but when I put deliberate errors in the source, build doesn't see them.

          Guess I'll create a new project from scratch and then copy/paste my source data into it.

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            jrpruitt Level 1

            Ok, FB3 creates a new SRC directory which FB2 didn't have and that is where it created the new project file, so all the code I was updating in the main directory, even though I had the file open and was making the modifications in FB3, was being ignored.  Builds were done using the file in the SRC sub directory (which was mostly blank).


            Now, does anyone know what the deal is with mouse scroll wheel not working properly?

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              cheftimo Level 2

              I have migrated many projects from FB2 to FB3 without any problems. Here is what I do:


              • Copy the FB2 resource folder and give it a different name.
              • Delete all files in the new folder whose name starts with a . (dot).
              • Delete the html-template folder.
              • Create a folder named 'src' and move everything else to that folder, except folders 'locale' and 'libs', if any.
              • Create a new FB3 project from that new resources folder.





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                jrpruitt Level 1

                Turns out the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 doesn't work properly with Windows 7 and MS has yet to create a new driver for it.

                That's the reason the scroll wheel wasn't working correctly.

                I bought a Logitech mouse and it works perfect.