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    Flash Player update pop-up problem


      When I turned on my desktop tonight, there was a pop-up from Adobe about downloading a new (update) download for Adobe Flash Player. I've seen these before and always clicked on them.

      After the download I had to go to SpeedTest site and when I went to the site, it mentioned that I needed at least Flash Player 8 to run the program (I knew I had Flash Player 10 installed). I've always been going to this SpeedTest page before with no problems. I remembered I just downloaded the new update for the Flash Player and I went into my Resotre Point, which was done (luckily) this afternoon. I restored my system and when I went back to the SpeedTest page, I was able to run the speed test.

      Would anyone know what might have happened?

      (BTW - #1-  If I ever wanted to uninstall Flash Player, how would that be done? I don't see it in Add/Remove programs. #2- Is there a way to send a support/technical question to Adobe re: Flash Player?)