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    VBox/SpringGraph + Image movement


      Here is a snippet of code I have


      <mx:VBox label = 'Topology View' showEffect = '{wipe_left}' width='100%' height='100%'

      cornerRadius="5" paddingBottom="15" paddingLeft="5" paddingRight="5" paddingTop="15" clipContent="true">

                  <adobe:SpringGraph id="springgraph" width="100%" height="100%" bottom="0" top="40"

                  right="0" left="0" autoFit="true" autoLayout="true" _repulsionFactor="1" clipContent="true">




      <mx:HBox horizontalAlign="center">

                                      <mx:Image id="iconImage"

                                      source="{(data.id==null)?'': (data.id.search('\\.') > 0) ? 'assets/icons/teacher.png' : 'assets/icons/student.png'}"

                                      width="24" height="24" toolTip="{data.data}"/>







      Now I should be able to move the image within the container's boundary only, but I'm able to move move the image outside the boundary and loosing the visibility.


      How can this be solved?