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    can i share a storage directoy between two air apps?


      hi there... I'm developing my thesis in Flash CS4 AIR 1.1


      I have two applications, the main application and the administrator app...


      in the administrator app I can add files to the data base... I'm using the browse for open property... to save in the database an swf file


      if the user selects the swf file from a pen drive, it will save in the database that URL f:/swf_file/example.swf


      so, the main application when it starts looking for that URL, and there is not such url as f:/swf_file/example.swf, it will have an error


      i was wondering if i can have a app-storage directory for both apps.. so that when the user selects a file it will be copyTo the shared appStorage directory


      is it possible?