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    Importing SWF Into CS4 Flash Stage Results in text errors


      I have a inDesign CS4 (.4 update) exported SWF that behaves badly when it is imported into Flash Pro CS4 (.2 update).


      Hyphens in the text on word breaks are being changed into question marks. Font used is Arial.


      The SWF ( attached) views fine in Flash Player 10, but produces the errors when imported to the stage. I have tried all settings (Text to Vector Paths, Text to Flash text) but the result is the same. Rasterizing the text is unacceptable because text quality is severely reduced on zooming the Flash document.


      If you try importing the attached SWF to a blank file stage, you will see the errors on page 3.


      So far, the only fix I have is creating all text in flash.


      Any ideas?