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    Cairgorm 3 and Flex 4


      Are there any plane to release a Flex 4 version of Cairngorm 3, in the short period? Maybe a branch of the current code?

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          Alex Uhlmann Level 3

          Not in the short term as far as I can see. That said, I only currently see minor changes that one would need to do to migrate to Flex 4. Have you tried compiling it with a Flex 4 SDK?

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            paob24 Level 1

            Yes I did compile all libraries and samples with Flex 4, and after same changes to the implementation of the ModuleInfo... it compile but I'm getting an error with navigation that I cant solve:

            Description Resource Path Location Type

            The children of Halo navigators must implement INavigatorContent. ContactsNavigator.mxml insync-basic/src/insync/presentation line 47 Flex Problem

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              as I'm about to start a new project, and really'd like to try out Flex 4, I just quickly wanted to ask if anyone has tried using Flex 4 with Cairngorm 3? What are common problems one has to solve, or is it plain impossible to do right now?

              I'd be happy to contribute, too,


              with kind regards,


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                julrich_ts Level 1

                Sorry for the double post, the forums just really not liking me right now


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