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    How Do I Move Audio Automation With The Timeline?


      I have just finished editing a forty minute movie in Premiere Pro CS4 4.2. It has 4 video tracks and 7 audio tracks, audio and video effects and transitions. I have done a full automation mix on the sound and colour correction on the video. I have 1 second of black and silence on the front as this movie is destined for the Web. But now I want to make a DVD as well and, to accommodate slow starting DVD players, I want to add an extra 5 seconds of black to the front of the movie. I extended back the black video so it lasts longer which pushes all the tracks in the timeline down by the same amount. Fine so far. But then when I play back I find all my audio automation has not been pushed down and is now out of sync.


      One obvious solution would be to nest the sequence inside another and add black to the front of the new sequence. However, this is not always ideal. So my question is: How do you get the audio automation to stay with the tracks when they are moved down the timeline?


      Thanks for your help.




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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          The audio automation is staying with the tracks.   You want it to stay with the clips.    You applied the audio automation to the track.  You can also apply it to individual clips.  Which is best is determined by your workflow and requirements.


          You mentioned one easy solution.  Another (if you use encore) is to make 5 seconds of black video and import that into encore as an assett.  In encore you can put clips back to back on the dvd timeline.

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            Powered by Design Level 4

            You could nest your sequence into a new sequence and move it where ever you want also.


            but would have to export it again.


            could use the same footage if going the Encore route as stated above.




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              Spokkk Level 1

              Thanks for the replys.


              I like to mix the tracks the old fashioned way. I have been trying the nested sequences route but there have been problems, I think maybe because the movie is forty minutes long. After Making the new sequence and pressing 'Enter' to render it all so there is a green bar along the top of the Timeline, if I press the 'Space Bar' to play the new sequence Premiere pops up a dialogue stating that it is "Rendering required files". The progress bar goes all the way across, then nothing, then Premiere crashes. Why, if I have a green bar in both sequences, does it need to do more rendering?


              I will try importing Black into Encore and see how that goes.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                As Nesting is not working for you, you could lasso (think that you can display Track Keyframes and target that Track, then Ctrl+A for Select All) all of the Track Keyframes (from Automation in the Audio Mixer), and then move them down to accommodate your added Black Video. Obviously, this is a one-step process, if you Automated a Mix Down. For multiple Audio Tracks, each with Automation Keyframes, you would need to do this for all Audio Tracks.


                By the way, Dolby recommends a 02 sec. silent Audio to allow players to "lock" onto the signal.


                Good luck,




                [Edit] Scratch that idea. I could find no way to Select all of the Track Keyframes, with either Ctrl+A, or the lasso. Sorry about that. Seemed like a good idea, until I tried it in a test Project.


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                  Spokkk Level 1

                  It seems obvious that CTRL+A should select everything, including the track automation. I use with Pro-Tools (the professional audio tool) at work and mix the audio using a mixer in the same way. If we then move all or part of the sequence the automation (fader moves, EQ etc) moves as well. I think Adobe needs to look at this for a future version. I can think of no situation where you would not want your automation to move as well. At the moment, after you have done a complex audio mix, (which you should try to do last of all) it means you cannot drop in some new shots, say, in the middle or at the front of the movie. I suppose this is part of what the whole nested sequence idea is all about.


                  Thanks for all your help.





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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I agree with you. One can Select All Keyframes in the Effects Control Panel's mini-Timeline. I do that all the time, and just started typing with the assumption that it would be available (lasso or Ctrl+A, or similar) in the Audio Track. Glad I tested it, as I'd have been more embarrassed, than I am. Who knew? Well, I didn't, until I tested it. Think that it would be a good Feature. I use Audio Mixer and Track Keyframe Automation a lot, though obviously have not tried (not needed it yet) to do what you need to do. At least now I know.


                    If you find a workaround, or if I missed something obvious, please update this thread and good luck,