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    IO 2038 error in IE only on file uploads, not in firefox

      I have been reading posts for 2 days straight and no one seems to have the same issues I am having at the moment. I am running this on a windows 2003 server with IIS 6.0, flex builder 3. I have a component that does a multiple file upload, and it does not function properly in IE, but everything functions fine in Firefox.

      In IE when i click the upload the file progress bar fills all the way up and then i get the IO error. The file is not written to the server, and the DB entries are not entered. This is running on a CF 7 MX backend btw. The cfm page takes the requests and processes the file and the DB entries. The file upload is happening on the same domain as the swf, and all file permissions are set to to full access where they need to be. The only thing I can think of is that I am using integrated windows authentication to use active directory authentication, and the page it's posting to needs to have this turned off. If it's turned on then the user gets prompted when they try and upload a file for their credentials. Any Information is helpful, thanks!