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    Change duration of multiple still images in one operation

    Brian (The barefoot man)

      Hello Folks.


      I am trying to change the duration of each image in a sequence of still images.


      Program: Adobe Premiere Elements 7

      Mode: Standard Definition 4/3 ratio

      File types in use: MOD, AVI, PNG


      Problem: The product manual states: "To apply the new default length to all still images in your project, delete them from Project view and reimport them into your project."


      Question: Is there a way to select a group of still images and then apply a new duration value to all of them in one operation?  An Adobe salesperson told me that this is possble before I purchased the program, but I cannot figure out how this is done. I switched to Adobe from another product in order to get this feature. Now that I need it, I cannot figure a way to get it to work. Time Stretch is not available when I select multiple images.


      Thank you,