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    How can Flex 3.0 use Vss plugin

      Our project use vss for source management.
      But by default Flex Builder 3.0 just contain CVS instead of VSS.

      I tried many way to install vss plug-in just as Eclipse do, I found a way of copy org.eclisep.jdt.* from eclispe to Flex builder.
      But this way doesn't work until now, Flex Builder based on Eclipse 3.3.1

      Is there anyone can help me ?

      thank you very much.
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          I get the same problem like you!I tired all way which can use vss in flex,but failed!
          Now I am trying user flex plugin for ecplise which can use vss in eclipse.
          If you have solve the problem,can you mail me?Thx!
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            Flex Studio 3 integrates with CVS out of the box.  But there are people who are using Visual SourceSafe, or VSS.  Here is how to enable the VSS support in in Flex Studio 3.  Screenshots link is in the first comment.


            1. Flex Studio 3, go to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install…
            2. In the “Feature Updates” dialog, select the “Search for new features to install”, click next.
            3. In the “Update sites to visit”, check only “The Eclipse Project Updates”, click finish.
            4. You may/may not encounter dialogs for selecting mirrors.
            5. In the “Search Results”, expand the “Eclipse 3.3.2″ tree, and check the “Eclipse Java Development Tools 3.3.2 …”, click next.
            6. Do what is necessary to complete the plugin installation, including dealing with a Digital Signature type dialog box.
            7. This requires a restart of the IDE.
            8. Download the Eclipse VSS plugin.
            9. Extract the zip file.  Copy the folder “org.vssplugin_1.6.2″ which contains files like plugin.xml to the plugins folder of Flex Studio, which in my case is “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\plugins”.
            10. If Flex Studio is running, exit.
            11. Start Flex Studio
            12. Now when you go to Team > Share, you will see “VSS Configuration Wizard”.




            This solution is got from following link