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    Multiple projects, yet one flash file launched from browser


      Hello everyone, I glad to be a part of this wonderful community.  I have a really sticky Captivate 4 problem, and I wanted to get my feelers out there now before I really need to get this done before the end of the week.  This question has to do with publishing.  I have 7 project files, and I created a "menu" slide at the end of each of them that look exactly the same.  In this particular slide, there are 7 'click boxes' spread throughout the page that launch all the other projects.  If you are wondering why I did this, it's because I'm trying to cut back on load time when a user click on any individual project.  Now, my programmer can only launch one .swf file from our webpage to get the first project started.  So, does this mean Captivate will dynamically handle launching all of the other projects(assuming multiple flash files are created) when they are launched from these "menu" slides?  I'm a bit confused.  I'm likely confusing some of you as well.  It is hard to put the problem into writing.  Please help!