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    Cannot start Pagemaker 7.0


      I've been using Pagemaker 7.0 for my work, but suddenly after I reinstaling my Windows (XP2) and reinstaling Pagemaker 7.0, I cannot open Pagemaker.

      Every time I wanna use Pagemaker, it allways show up new window : AppName: pm70.exe     AppVer:     ModName: cooltype.dll
      ModVer:     Offset: 000e7be0

      What happen? I reaaly-really need help. Thanks in advance

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          The Cooltype error is usally font related - try trashing all the Adobefnt.lst files.


          Search your system drive for "Adobefnt*.lst" to find all Adobe CoolType font list files (for example, Adobefnt05.lst, Adobefnt10.lst) . Delete all found files, and then restart the Adobe application.


          Iechyd da! John
          01:03 03/01/2010 GMT