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    Do I need AIR Runtime to USE a web page?

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I am NOT a developer, I just want to use a particular page (DirecTV program listings)


      This page is heavily scripted (I think the web page is created by accessing information in a database) and IE8 keeps stopping and telling me a script is running slowly and asking if I want to disable the script... I say YES and the page loads... and then does it all again when I ask for a new date and time range to look at upcoming movie information


      At the DTV forum I was told to use compatibility mode (already using) and to make sure I have the latest Flash player (already did)


      One person said I needed to install Adobe AIR... but since I am not a developer, I don't understand why


      Why would I need to install Adobe AIR to simply USE a web page created by someone else?