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    Aluratek Libre


      Adobe Digital Editions downloaded to my desktop with Windows 7 just fine and I downloaded a book from e-books fine also, but when it is supposed to give you the Device Setup Assistant message to set up my Aluratek Libre I get nothing, so I have no way of putting the book on my reader.  Any advise would be appreciated. 

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          I am having the exact same issue and was so hoping someone had answered - it is so frustrating - I purchased a book, downloaded adobe digital and now cannot transfer the book to my Libre

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            londoty Level 1

            Thanks for your message. If you hear of somebody who has a fix or knows what

            to do please let me know.  L. Doty

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              Hi there,  you have to go to aluratek.com, and find the last DRIVER update to Libre, the last one I have instaled is the 0.15k and with it installed I can read epub files with DRM.    


              here is the link: http://www.aluratek.com/download_drivers_manuals.php

              select the color, my Libre is black, and download the driver, then follow instalation instructions,  just be carefull with the reset after the instalation, each time you have to register in Adobe, and only have 6 times, after that that, is where I am, wait for Adobe to solve the problem of deleting the authorized devices....!


              Hope it helps!



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                I have software version v0.18g patch v18 and I can't open a DRM'd file copied directly onto my Aluratek Libre eBook Reader PRO (model AEBK01F).  By copied directly I mean I copied the file from the directory where ADE saves the file to the SD card (mounted as a directory).  I did not see any menu options in ADE for setting up an external device.