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    General XML Privacy question

      Hey you lot :)

      I have this rather, general, maybe silly question! I'm using flex more & more and I've come to a point where I wanna make a page to administrate users.. I usually go about making a php file which generates an XML file based on my database data..

      Now, the XML file in this case would contain all the information from my users, including their passwords (encrypted.. but still ... ). Does anyone have any advice to what i should do in this case? To make the xml inaccessible for outside users but myself? I don't want other ppl to view such info obviously AND I dont want everyone to see all the users I have ...

      any help is greatly appreciated :)
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          g-s-b Level 1
          If you were to ask me, that is the wrong approach.
          You should encrypt the user's response and compare it to the db, never sending the XML to the client machine.

          If you want the "XML" on your server yet inaccessible to others, you might move it out of the "public-HTML" directory structure and use PHP to access it.