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    Yet another transition query


      Hi folks


      I have an older version of premiere elements which came with some additional transitions which I would like to use in premiere elements 8.  I've tried simply loading them into the folder where the other transitions are in the hope that elements would recognise them but no luck.   Anybody know if it can be done and if so how?





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          A lot will depend on what these extra Transitions are, and how they are installed. Some are just copied over, while other have an installation routine that writes other necessary files. Also, be aware that some older Transitions just might not work in PrE 8. This happens a lot with 3rd party content. Many plug-ins for earlier versions of PrPro will just not work in PrPro CS4.2. In earlier versions of PrPro, one could use the Hollywood FX Transitions, by just changing the file extensions. This no longer worked with CS4, and one had to buy new Hollywood FX Transitions for that version. Could be the same in PrE 8, but I do not know for sure.


          Which Transitions are these, New Blue, or other?


          You might want to go to the software company's Web site, and see if there are any notes on PrE 8. Also, check your installation disc for that earlier version, and see if there was an installation routine, or if they just copied over to the proper folder. Should be a Read_Me, or similar, as these are included with many 3rd party "Goodies."


          Good luck,