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    No OpenGL in AE with Nvidia FX 4800

    dvedvedve Level 1


      I have an Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 video card running under Windows 7 Pro.  It should support OpenGL in After Effects CS4. However, when I check to see if OpenGL is active in After Effects CS4, the OpenGL box is grayed-out and the message "No compatible OpenGL video card found"  is displayed.  Photoshop CS4 correctly recognized the card and is using its OpenGL capabilities as well as other apps I have that use OpenGL. See images.  Apparently, the problem is unique to AE.

      To try to solve the issue, I have updated After Effects to the latest version and have updated the video card's bios and driver to the newest versions, but AE still does not recognize the card's OpenGL capabilities.  I have just started using AE, so I cannot comment on whether OpenGL ever worked in AE. 

      Any suggestions on how to get AE to use the card would be appreciated.