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    Why do JMS connections stay connected after Flex clients close?




      I am using AMF_Polling and the JMS Adapter to receive discardable messages on a topic from Fiorano JMS.  It works very well except for one thing.  When the Flex client goes away because the browser closed, the JMS connection to FIorano is still there. It seems to stay there for a very long time and may never timeout and go away.




      1. Is this normal behavior for the JMS adapter?


      2. Is there a way to force these unused connections to close  between the JMS server and the Flex JMS adapter?


      3. Is the JMS adapter continuing to receive messages after the Flex client goes away?


      4. If so, are messages stacking up in memory which will eventually fill up and cause problems?




      Chris Shafer, George Weiss Associates