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    Problem launching After Effects

    Freiddo of EFEIT Studios

      Hi, I recently downloaded the after affects trial for my mac a couple days ago and it was working fine. I was getting used to it, messing around to see if it is something I would be interested in... Now 2 days ago I did a software update for my mac and the next day after affects and photoshop didn't wanna launch. The icon in my dock was jumping up and down fooling me as if it was going to open but then I got that "error" sound that the mac makes and then nothing. The software didn't wanna start it didn't even show me the loading part that it usually does.


      I thought it might have been my mac, you know an error with the update, so I contacted them, they told me to contact adobe, adobe told me to get the update for the software, so I downloaded it and still nothing. Then they told me that I would have to uninstall and re-install it again. I kept doing it over and over again and nothing, it does the exact same thing. Now it can't be the my trial is up because I just got a couple days ago, and both programs were working fine till the update.



      Apple says it's adobes problem, Adobe says its the computers problem, then at one point one of the technical support guys from adobe says that if I uninstall an adobe product (if its a trial) it wont work again if I try to install it again, so basically Im out of luck with this when they were the first to tell me to uninstall and reinstall...



      So I wanted to know what exactly is going on, why doesn't it want to launch?




      Another thing to, I was told to purchase After Effects and that the problem would fix it self because Im installing it and registering it rather than a trial. That purchasing it would some how fix this problem... But!!!!! I had a classmate who purchased the Master Suite CS4 and he actually registered it and everything and then the same thing happened to him a couple weeks ago. So if he bought it and it did the same thing that its doing to me right now, I really don't think purchasing it is going to fix it you get me?



      System Im using: Mac Pro OS X 10.5.8, Processor- 2.66 GHz Quad- Core Intel Xeon, 3GB Memory (If that some how helps)