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    Quiz slide numbers not showing up in total slides


      Hello All,

      We just upgraded to Adobe Connect Pro 7, using Presenter 7.0.0 build 7328.


      I have a training which includes 7 different (1 question/scenario) quizzes.  Each quiz is multiple choice, with at least 3 choices.  When a user selects a particular answer (1,2,3,4) is will jump to that slide to provide an explanation of why or why not this is the correct answer.  Then the presentation will continue.


      My question is, the total presentation is 74 slides, but it only shows up as 52 because of the quizzes and possible 'answer' slides.  And apparently, when users are getting to the end they are not getting complete credit for completing the training since these other slides are 'hidden' and not shown.


      How do you show ALL slides in the total number of slides?  I have selected 'allow backward movement' , as well as 'show quiz in outline' but they do not show up in the total number of slides.