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    Help with Pictorial / DVD Please

    Mark Dalzell Level 1

      I'm using P.P. CS4. Going to be putting together a pictorial DVD with music for a friend of mines funeral next week. I've not use PP

      for this application before. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      For example:

      What settings should be selected at start up for a "new project"?

      Is there an overall setting to adjust the length for all photos?

      I'm sure all the photos I have to scan will not be the same size. Any suggestions would be helpful.

      Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          For a DVD-Video, you'll want either the NTSC DV (either standard, or widescreen), or the PAL DV (either standard, or widescreen), depending on where you live.


          Next, I would recommend that you do your image resizing in Photoshop, prior to Import into PrPro. This ARTICLE will give you some background and also some tips on automating the process in PS.


          BTW - I use PrPro for most of my SlideShows too, and it works fine.


          Good luck,



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            Mark Dalzell Level 1



            Thank you for the timely reply and the excellent article. I will give it a try.

            Best to you for the New Year.


            Kind regards.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Good luck with your Project. I'm in the middle of an 8+ hour SlideShow with over 2000 stills, MOV and AVI files and 300+ Titles. In my case, this will be going to a DVD-5 set, which is now up to five discs.


              One consideration would be to do any "chapters" as Sequences. This can make DVD navigation easier. In my case, I have 23 Sequences, and these are broken by family members and also timeframes. I also arrange my stills per the Sequences in both their folders and then in the Bins in the Project Panel. This allows me to make any changes more easily, than sorting through 2000+ images in one folder, and allows me to close up Bins from the other Sequences. A bit of planning here might save you time and aggravation later on. Not sure how your script will read, but if it's not totally linear, you might want to consider breaking things into logical Sequences.


              Wishing you success,



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                Powered by Design Level 4

                I know that Encore has a really easy and fast slideshow.


                I wish Premiere had the same functions.


                You just load all your images on and it can time it to music and also move and scale images.


                Its really fast.  Give it a look.


                Unless you really need allot of control.


                Something to think about.




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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I've explored the SlideShow function in Encore, and find it very rudimentary. Yes, one can add some stock Effects and Transitions easily, but it has so many limitations that I would suggest using it only for simple SlideShows, no longer than 99 images.


                  I do all of my work in PrPro, and it does 95% of what I want. For everything else, there's ProShow Producer, which I am studying. For me, each still image ("slide") is unique. I process each that way, and animate each that way. I never want anything "stock," except for maybe my Default Transition, which is almost always Cross-dissolve, or maybe Dip-to-Black. Choosing some Pan & Zoom Preset will never work, because there is no AI involved, deciding exactly what the subject in the photograph is - could it be the eyes, or maybe I want to zoom in on the ear? For animation, I always Keyframe Scale & Position, and maybe half a dozen other Effects on each image - all by hand, because each image is unique.


                  I feel that Encore's SlideShow feature is like tossing up to 99 slides into a meat-grinder, and then having it spread my sausage stuffing out in a line. Not what I find useful, but then I'm old-fashioned, want to work one-on-one with each image, and don't really like "sausage" all that much.


                  With the ProShow Gold and Producer programs available, I think that Adobe would be OK to not include a "SlideShow" feature in PrPro. Same for the one that is in PSE. Good place for one, but don't trick up PS with it.


                  Just my observations and thinking,



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                    Mark Dalzell Level 1



                    Thanks for posting. I remembered watching some tutorials on www.lynda.com for Adobe's Encore.

                    It does have an easy to use slide show program built into it which I reviewed yesterday. I don't have

                    a tremendous amount of time to get this done so I very well might just use Encore's slide show

                    for the presentation.


                    I will however look into the other suggestions from Hunt which use PP and PS for a slide show






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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Though mentioned above, it might be helpful to mention it again. The Encore SlideShow, because it adheres directly to the DVD-spec., is limited to 99 images per SlideShow. Now, you can do more, kind of like Timelines, but they are not full Timelines by definition.


                      Just wanted to point that out.


                      Good luck,