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    Error when sending more than 500 Characters

      Hello all,
      I am not sure if I should be posting here or in the ColdFusion Forum, so I apologize ahead of time if I am in the wrong place.

      I am Using a Flex frontend and a ColdFusion backend to edit data in a simple Access Database (for testing). I have a ColdFusion CFC on the backend that handles everything just fine until I enter in more than 500 characters (Actually 510) into my text area and then I get the error "Unable to invoke CFC - Error Executing Database Query.". Now you might be saying that either the database field is not set to handle that many characters or the CFC is restricting more than 500 characters, but they are not. The database field is set to "memo" and the maxlength in the CFC is set to 5000. I am wondering if has something to do with Access databases I do not know because I don't use them that often.

      I have tested this over and over and it only throws the error if I exceed 510 characters in the Flex TextArea.
      Any thoughts are appreciated.

      The CFC code is below I didn't add the MXML because I figured there was nothing special about the TextArea block: